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alarm synonyms, alarm antonyms

alarm synonyms : noun 1 alert, signal, warning. alarm-clock, bell, fire-alarm, gong, siren, tocsin, whistle. 2 anxiety, apprehension, consternation, dismay, distress, fright, nervousness, panic, trepidation, uneasiness. D FEAR. verb agitate, daunt, dismay, dis tress, disturb, panic, inf put the wind up, scare, shock, startle, surprise, unnerve, upset, worry. D FRIGHTEN. Opp REASSURE.

aisle synonyms. aisle antonyms

airman synonyms : noun aviator, flier, pilot. airport synonyms: noun aerodrome, airfield, air strip, heliport, landing-strip, run way. airy synonyms : adj blowy, breezy, draughty, fresh, open, spacious, ventilated. Opp STUFFY. aisle synonyms: n corridor, gangway, pas sage, passageway

aircraft synonyms, aircraft antonyms

aircraft synonyms : noun old use flying-machine. aeroplane, airliner, airship, balloon, biplane, bomber, delta-wing, dirigible, fighter, flying boat, glider, gunship, hang-glider, helicopter, jet, jumbo, jump-jet, micro night, monoplane, plane, seaplane, turboprop. Example: Essex Fire Service said its firefighters reported that the aircraft - which had landed in an arable field - was alight when they arrived. The fire was extinguished by 12:49.

air synonyms, air antonyms

air synonyms : noun 1 airspace, atmosphere, ether, heavens, sky, poet welkin. 2 fresh air. breath, breeze, draught, oxygen, waft, wind, poet zephyr. 3 air of authority, ambience, appearance, aspect, aura, bearing, character, demeanour, effect, feeling, impression, look, manner, mien, mood, quality, style.. Verb 1 aerate, dry off, freshen, refresh, ventilate. 2 air opinions. articulate, disclose, dis play, exhibit, express, give vent to, make known, make public, into words, show off, vent, voice.

aimless synonyms, aimless antonyms

aimless synonyms : adj chance, directionless, pointless, purposeless, rambling, random, undisciplined, unfocused, wayward. Opp PURPOSEFUL. Aimless meaning: without any clear intentions, purpose, or direction: She said that her life seemed aimless after her children left home Aimless Archers' target practice On Saturday they frequently looked like strangers, their defence porous, their kicking game aimless.

aim synonyms, aim antonyms

aim synonyms : noun ambition, aspiration, cause, design, desire, destination, direction, dream, end, focus, goal, hope, intent, intention, mark, object, objective, plan, purpose, target, wish. . verb 1 address, beam, direct, fire at, focus, level, line up, point, send, sight, take aim, train, turn, zero in on. 2 aim to win. aspire, attempt, design, endeavour, essay, intend, mean, plan, propose, resolve, seek, strive, try, want, wish.

ailing synonyms, ailing antonyms

ailing synonyms : adj diseased, feeble, infirm, poorly, sick, suffering, unwell, weak. ILL. Example: But ailing Feron is distracted, and his ruthless silencing of an unwelcome visitor could be Grimaud's undoing. Ambitions collide during the Dauphin's birthday party, where a kind act by d'Artagnan pushes lovers together and ends in catastrophe.

aid synonyms, aid antonyms

aid synonyms: noun advice, assistance, avail, backing, benefit, collaboration, contribution, cooperation, donation, encouragement, funding, grant, guidance, help, loan, patron age, prop, relief, sponsorship, subsidy, succour, support. verb abet, assist, back, befriend, benefit, collaborate with, contribute to, cooperate with, encourage, facilitate, forward, help, inf lend a hand, profit, promote, prop up, inf rally round, relieve, subsidize, succour, support, sustain.

aground synonyms, aground antonyms

aground synonyms : adj beached, grounded, helpless, high-and-dry, marooned, shipwrecked, stranded, stuck. Example: A major coastguard operation is underway after a Russian cargo ship ran aground off the coast of Cornwall. Aground meaning : If a boat or ship is aground, it is unable to move because it is touching ground or in a place where there is very little water: The ship is currently aground off the Brittany coast.

agriculture synonyms, agriculture antonyms

agriculture synonyms : noun agronomy, crofting, cultivation, farming, growing, husbandry, tilling. Example: Environment, energy and rural affairs minister Lesley Griffiths makes a statement on the impact of a no-deal Brexit on the environment, agriculture and fisheries in Wales, from Tuesday 22 January.

agricultural synonyms, agricultural antonyms

agricultural synonyms : adj 1 agrarian, bucolic, pastoral, rural. 2 agricultural land. cultivated, farmed, planted, productive, tilled. Example: A model has brushed off criticism that her appearance at an agricultural machinery show was "outdated". At the Lamma show in Birmingham, agricultural firm Agrifac encouraged visitors to get selfies with glamorous trade show models at their stand.

agreement synonyms, agreement antonyms

agreement synonyms : noun 1 accord, affinity, compatibility, compliance, con cord, conformity, congruence, consensus, consent, consistency, correspondence, harmony, similarity, sympathy, unanimity, unity. 2 acceptance, alliance, armistice, arrangement, bargain, bond, com pact, concordat, contract, convention, covenant, deal, Fr entente, pact, pledge, protocol, settlement, treaty, truce, understanding. Opp DISAGREEMENT.

agreeable synonyms, agreeable antonyms

agreeable synonyms : adj acceptable, delightful, enjoyable, nice. PLEASANT. Opp DISAGREEABLE. Example: "Again, I look forward to welcoming you to the House on a mutually agreeable date for this address when government has been opened." pleasant or pleasing: "We spent a most agreeable evening by the river."

agree synonyms, agree antonyms

agree synonyms : verb 1 accede, accept, acknowledge, acquiesce, admit, allow, assent, be willing, concede, con sent, covenant, grant, make a con tract, pledge yourself, promise, aid undertake. 2 accord, be unanimous, be united, coincide, concur, conform, correspond, fit, get on. harmonize, match, inf see eye to eye, suit. Opp DISAGREE. agree on D CHOOSE. agree with ► ENDORSE.

agony synonyms, agony antonyms

agony synonyms : noun anguish, distress, suffering, torment, torture. PAIN. Example: Man died 'in agony' after stroke amid ambulance delays A woman has described how her dying husband was left "in agony" from a stroke after she was told it would take up to an hour to get an ambulance. Agony meaning: extreme physical or mental pain or suffering: She lay there screaming in agony. I was in an agony of suspense. We've both suffered agonies of guilt over what happened.

agonize synonyms, agonize antonyms

agonize synonyms : verb be in agony, hurt, labour, struggle, suffer, worry, wrestle. Example: Over the past month, I have watched Lina agonize over an investigation that often entails talking to people she mistrusts. The family has a pool of contacts she is calling, but they are strangers.

agitate synonyms, agitate antonyms

agitate synonyms : verb 1 beat, churn, convulse, ferment, froth up, ruffle, shake, stimulate, stir, toss, work up. 2 alarm, arouse, confuse, dis comfit, disconcert, disturb, excite, fluster, incite, perturb, rouse, shake up, stir up, trouble, unnerve, unsettle, upset, worry. Opp CALM. agitated EXCITED, NERVOUS.

agile synonyms, agile antonyms

agile synonyms : adj acrobatic, active, adroit, deft, fleet, graceful, limber, lissom, lithe, lively, mobile, nimble, quick-moving, sprightly, spry, supple, swift. Opp CLUMSY, SLOW. Example: Great flight shark: Gentle giants prove to be fast and agile The future immigration system must be agile enough to adapt to evolving labour market needs, recruitment experts have warned.

aggressor synonyms, aggressor antonyms

aggressor synonyms : noun assailant, attacker, belligerent, instigator, invader. aggressor meaning : a person or country that starts an argument, fight, or war by attacking first Example : Ben Stokes 'was main aggressor in nightclub fight' While some see the US as the aggressor in the trade war with China, Mr Solomon has sympathy with Donald Trump's ambitions to reset the rules.