ingiltere’de ehliyet almak, sorular cevaplar, teori ve pratik testler

Ingiltere’de ehliyet almak cok ciddi bir istir ve ayni zamanda cok da zordur. Ehliyet almak her sene daha da zorlasan bir surectir. 

Bu zorlu surecten sonra ehliyetinizi aldiktan sonra ise kurallara uyan, baskalarina saygili iyi bir sofor almis olacaksiniz. Tabiki bu dediklerimiz ehliyetinizi hakederek aldiysaniz gecerli. 

ingiltere ehliyet alma sorular cevaplar

Ingiltere’de ehliyet almak icin basvuru yaptiysaniz simdi artik calisma zamani. 

Asagidaki linke tiklayarak muhtemel 750 adet soru ve cevaba erisip calismaya baslayabilirsiniz. 

1- What should you do before making a U turn?
      Look over your shoulder for a final check

2-   What should you do as you approach this bridge? / yaklaşmak /
      Slow down

3-   Where should you avoid overtaking? / kaçınmak / sollamak/ 

       Approaching a dip in the road

4-   What does this curved arrow road marking mean? / 

       Overtaking traffic should move back to the left

5-   What should you do if your mobile phone rings while you’re driving or riding? 

       Leave it until you have stopped in a safe place

6-   Why are these yellow lines painted across the road? / karşısında – boyunca

       To make you aware of your speed / farkında- haberdar

7-   What should you do when you’re approaching traffic lights that have been green for some time?

       Be ready to stop

8-   What should you do before slowing down or stopping your vehicle?

       Use the mirrors

9-   You’re following a large vehicle. Why should you stay a safe distance behind it?

       You’ll give the driver a chance to see you in the mirrors

10- Why should you use your mirrors when you see a hazard ahead? / ilerde bir tehlike

       To assess how your actions will affect the traffic behind / belirlemek

11- You’re waiting to turn right at the end of a road. What should you do if your view is obstructed by parked? / tıkalı

      Stop and then move forward slowly and carefully for a clear view / ileri

12- There are objects hanging from your interior mirror. Why could this be a hazard? / iç

      Your view could be obstructed / tıkamak – engellemek

13- You’re on a long motorway journey. What should you do if you start to feel sleepy?

      Leave the motorway and stop in a safe place

14- Why should you switch your headlights on when it first starts to get dark?

      So others can see you more easily

15- What’s most likely to distract you while you’re driving? / dikkat dağıtmak

      Using a mobile phone

16- You’re driving your car. When may you use a hand-held mobile phone? / elde taşınabilen

      When you’ve parked safely

17- You’re driving on a wet road. What should you do if you have to stop your vehicle in an emergency?

      Keep both hands on the steering wheel / direksiyon

18- What should you do when you move off from behind a parked car?

      Look around before moving off

19- You’re travelling along this road. How should you pass the cyclist?

      Leave them plenty of room as you pass / geçerken onlara bolca yer bırakmak

20- When do windscreen pillars cause a serious obstruction to your view? / ön cam direkleri / engel

      When you’re approaching bends and junctions / yaklaşmak / virajlar / kavşaklar

21- What should you do if you can’t see clearly behind when you’re reversing? / ters çevirme

      Ask someone to guide you

22- What does the term ‘blind spot’ mean?

      An area not visible to the driver

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