act synonyms, act antonyms

act synonyms:


1 achievement, action, deed, effort, enterprise, exploit, feat, move, operation, proceeding, step, undertaking.

2 act of parliament. bill [= draft act], decree, edict, law, order, regulation, statute.

3 a stage act. item, performance, routine, sketch, turn.


1 behave, carry on, conduct yourself, deport your self.

2 function, have an effect, operate, serve, take effect, work.

3 Act now! do something, get involved, make a move, react, take steps. BEGIN.

4 act a role. appear (as), assume the character of, derog camp it up, characterize, dramatize, enact, derog ham it up, imitate, impersonate, mime, mimic, derog overact, perform, personify, play, portray, pose as, represent, seem to be, simulate.


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